This is another Multibagger with potential to multiply 10 times in 2-3 years…Buy Swiss Glasscoat (BSE 522215).. CMP 38.60… Target 100 in 2-3 months.. I hold the stock.

Posted by Manish Goyal on Thursday, 3 April 2014

October 2021 – My Above Stock Swiss Glasscoat (HLE Glascoat) Multiplied 200 Times !! Just 10 Lacs invested in it in 2014 became 20 Crores in 2021 !!

Past Performance till 2021 (Based on Peak price touched after buy call of Manish Goyal in 2014, as independent Research Analyst)

Buy Call at Mold Tek Packaging at 19 (taking 2:1 split into factor) Multiplied 40 times in 7 yrs
Buy Call at KPR Mills at 60 (taking 2:1 split into factor) Multiplied 42 times in 7 yrs
Buy Call at Flex Foods at 29 Multiplied 6 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Chaman Lal Setia at 5.5 (taking Split & Bonus into factor ) Multiplied 41 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Maithan Alloys at 33 (taking 1:1 Bonus into factor) Multiplied 38 times in 7 yrs
Buy Call at Swiss Glascoat at 38 Multiplied 200 times in 7 yrs
Buy call at Haldyn Glass at 11 Multiplied 5 times in 4 yrs
Buy call at Swasti Vinayak Synthetics at 3 Multiplied 7 times in 2 yrs

Original Screenshots of my Buy Calls are provided at ‘Previous Calls Snapshot’ Page.


Demat Screenshot of Client 1 based on highest price touched after our buy call
Demat Screenshot of Client 1 based on highest price touched after our buy call
Demat Screenshot of Client 2 based on highest price touched after our buy call
Demat Screenshot of Client 2 based on highest price touched after our buy call

Paid Membership (limited period offer)

Fees & Duration  –  Rs 1,47,500 (including 18% GST) for One Year Subscription  (50% fees 73,750 rs payable in advance & 25% after 3 months & 25% after 6 months)

Below are Services Details —

3 New Long Term Multibagger potential Small Cap stock names along with research reports will be given on the same day or next working day of payment…  We will keep sending updates to you at WhatsApp regarding these stocks, whenever we feel is required…..If we give sell call on any of these stocks before the end of your one year subscription, then new stock will be given free in lieu of that stock….. After the expiry of your one year subscription, Renewal of subscription for the subsequent years will be at a discounted price of 75,000 rupees (including GST) per year in which you will be provided updates/exit call, if any, as mentioned above for further one year.

Procedure for subscribing above plan —

First you should fill this KYC and Risk Assessment form online …. Then we will communicate your risk profile to you at your email … After you agree on the communicated risk profile of yours, we will E-mail Advisory Service Agreement to you for signing/consent… after signing/consent of agreement, you can transfer fees to below mentioned Bank Account… Only Online NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI or Cheque Deposit accepted, No cash deposit please… Stock names and research reports will be sent to you at your email on the same or next working day… Our contact details are mentioned at Contact Us page of this website

Bank Details 

ICICI Current Account — 135305002309

Name — Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd

IFSC  — ICIC0001353

Branch — ITL Tower, Netaji Subhas Place, Delhi

(If you face problem in adding above name in net banking because of its length, simply add ‘Multibagger Securities Research’ as name.)

Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd

(SEBI Registered Investment Advisor)

(Registration No. INA100007736)

Privacy Policy



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 115 reviews
Oct 10, 2021
by Atmanand Revankar on

I just happened to see Manish's messages and that's how i got to know about his past recos which has been big hits and accurate.. I wasn't very sure or convinced if i should go for this service, however after many rounds of mails and some questions i did decide to try this out.. Manish is very humble and seems to be thorough.. I just hope all his current recos also turns out to be multibaggers.. Best wishes and best of luck to him and all other followers..

Sep 14, 2021
by Faustin Henry on

Hi Guys- Now i feel that i found the right person who does his expertise research on shares and gives trusted call for the multibagger Shares

Aug 19, 2021
by Prakash Patel on

Great Manish sir,
I just took your advisory service before nine months back and you have prooved as you are the best researcher among the thousands available in the open market. I could increased my capital 6 times in just 9 months...great, hatsoff to your findings and deep study.

Aug 17, 2021
by Raj k on

Awesome analysis and goal realization! Ammazing..

Jun 13, 2021
by Prasanth on

I don’t have enough words to express gratitude towards Mr. Manish ji...Its been wonderful experience since i have started acting on his advice in stock market..

May 13, 2021
by Sheinesh Kumar on

excellent razor sharp stock picks , the possible large caps of the next decade

Mar 27, 2021
by Satyamurthy on

Thanks Mr Manish for putting my financial journey in the right direction !! regards, Satyamurthy (Bangalore)

Feb 5, 2021
by Bhishma V on

What I find pretty significant after interacting with Manish ji is, his clarity on the business of his stock pick and his deep insight in to what makes it a future multibagger. Though found difficult to get convinced at beginning, despite his past track record, i now kind of more than convinced on his abilities to pick a good fundamental pick.Cheers sirji!!

Jan 9, 2021

I have joined member with Manishji's Multibaggers stocks team, just 7 month ago, I have experienced lot of excellent results oriented stocks which recommended and experience your dream with him. We are not able to dig out the Sea of the Stocks where, which will be favor for you, don't know. I am 💯% believe and advise for others who wants become complete your dreams on Sea of Stocks, joined Shri Manish Goyal Organization Multibaggers, immediately, take decision depends upon you. Best of luck and congratulations to Manishji.

Nov 29, 2020
by Seema Sharma on

I review your reports regularly on this site. Found that they are very profitable and wealth creator Wish that you should give any plan for small investor , for long term and short term both. That start with Rs. 300000 to 500000...

Nov 10, 2020
by TS Narasimhan on

I don’t have enough words to express gratitude towards Mr. Manish ji...Its been wonderful experience since i have started acting on his advice in stock market..

His research are fantastic, and i have made lots of profit in stock market. Best example One stock Mr. Manish shared in October 2020 which got +++250% in 21 days ( Seven Tech in October  it was at trading at Rs 14 and now it is Rs 48.) Best example for trust!!! This is my personal experience..

I would urge to all prospective investors of stock market to take the help from Mr. Manish, he is a Chartered Accountant by profession who can understand financial data of a company better than any other professional.

Again this is my personal experience..

Oct 25, 2020
by Vipin Gaur on

Excellent track record, highly accurate and Great value investing !!

Oct 6, 2020
by Pragati Tra on

Have been tracking Mr.Manish's picks since four years or so ... you need to have lot of patience and hold those stocks for longterm , no need to track those shares on daily basis , just buy and forget for couple of years and allow those stocks to grow many a folds ..

Sep 5, 2020

I am really very impressed by your selection of multi bagger stock from your past performance. Indeed a great work done by you.

Aug 25, 2020
by Roshan Kuckian on

Manishji is a very kind and fantastic person..he has guided me and i am fully confident on him and will avail his service soon..wish u all the beat manish ji and you are really helping others to achive their target / dreams which otherwise looks difficult..God bless.

Aug 8, 2020
by Harish MK on

I was looking for someone who does fundamental analysis of stocks. I searched a lot and finally found Manishji. I was with him only for 6months and reaping benefits already. One of the stock doubled in 4 months and another is about to double. Very humble, down to earth guy. We have few common interests and hence our talk, communication goes beyond investment! If you are with Manishji, rest assured that your investments are in safe hands!

Jul 14, 2020
by M.J.Prakash on

Life hard earned money I invested in mr.Manish goel reaserch based multibaggers without looking back, just because I have confident in him that they are definitely multibaggers

Jun 29, 2020
by Jayanta Kumar panigrahi on

Very good analysis and logical advice

Jun 21, 2020
by Santosh Kumar on

Wonderful Website. With his kind nature and knowledge; he can really help investor to build serious wealth. GOD Bless !!!

Jun 3, 2020
by Ravi Kumar Choudhary on

Great person having in depth knowledge of share market.

May 17, 2020
by Anonymous on

Manish Goyal is most reliable and capable investor and analyst in India. Yes, his fees is high but quality comes at a price. There is a reason Apple iPhones are costly

May 9, 2020
by Vineshchandra Chunilal Bardolia on

First of all I thank Mr. Manish Goyal for golden advice regarding wonderful stock selection, May God bless you for your all wishes.

Apr 21, 2020
by I have read your above article & found soul of share market. Can i join your company or group. Waiting for your humble reply. Regards G K Lohani#9560 on

I have read your above article and found soul of share market. Can i join your company or group ? Waiting for your humble reply. Regards G K Lohani

Apr 11, 2020


Apr 11, 2020
by Sushant Shinde on

I am 25 y/o and its an year and half since I am working before I was involved in college education. With salary and surplus in hand I thought of investing it. started with MF SIPs. Then thought entering stock, got a demat but haven't started trading yet. In search of stock market knowledge from youtube and the web, today i came across you. Your website stuff is pretty worthy to impress anybody. Interested in borrowing your service, but when I came across the Contact us/ Premium Membership section it kinda discouraged me. Your fees are in lacs and and I am someone who has just a few thousands surplus bucks to invest. Don't you have some plans for small budding investors who just wanna start fresh.

Apr 10, 2020

I had lost49 lacs in wrong investment ,intraday ,f&o,currency trade.this money i got from land sell (मेरे पापा के द्वारा जब मैं 4 साल का था तब खरीदी थी,आज मैं 40 वर्ष का हो गया हूं,आज मुझे समझ आ रहा कि पैसा लांग टर्म इन्वेस्टमेंट में ही मिलता है )मैं बहुत टेंशन में हूँ....मनीष सर जी........क्योंकि मैंने अभी तक उन्हें बताया भी नही के यह पैसा पूरा जा चुका है........ मैं दुर्भाग्य शाली था......कि मार्किट में इनवेस्टमेंट के लिए एक्सपर्ट सही नही मिला..........आज आपका पता मिला .....तो मेरे पास पैसे ही खत्म .................जब कभी भी पैसा होगा आपकी सर्विस जरूर लूँगा...........अगर हो सके तो कोई सलाह व्यक्ति गत व्हाट्सएप नो.9425165710 में जरूर भेजे.......ताकि मैं कुछ गलत रास्ते मे ना जाऊ.

Mar 25, 2020
by Digvijay on

Perfect Analysis

Mar 3, 2020
by Santosh on

While entering Stock market I wanted a good stock adviser.. But after interaction with a few I had an impression that all stock advisers in stock market just play gamble and there results are 50:50. However, after seeking Manish ji's advice, I am convinced that he is gem among stock market advisers and apart from that he is very generous and humble human being. God bless him... He will go a long way and set new records for investors. Thanks

Feb 9, 2020
by Indrajeet on

I am satisfied with Manish sir service. The best part is that he follows the theme of concentrated portfolio ( suppose you have 50k or 1 lakh , the whole capital you can deploye it into a single stock with full confidence). you can enjoy your portfolio growing with minimum three times return at each two years plus horizon ( his proven track record shows his recommendation went minimum 4 to 5 times in 2 to 3 years time horizon). Now I dream of creating wealth with Manish sir in 10 years.MAY GOD BLESS YOU SIR TO FULFILL OUR DREAMS.

Jan 21, 2020
by Kanubhai Patel on

i think no body can give multibagger tip like Manish Goyal. In market you found lot of people who give tip but that is called 50:50. Mr manish sir multibagger works with 90 percent accuracy

Jan 9, 2020
by Srinath Sashtry on

Best advises with simple explanation. Worth following.

Jan 2, 2020

Wishing you a very happy 20 20 match, this year will bring 100 percent results in your life investors.

Dec 21, 2019
by Anshuman on

Great help for retail investors !

Dec 8, 2019
by Akhilesh Amarjyoti on

Manish bhai is a great analyst.....his recommmendations are unique...with him i am sure investors are safe...

Nov 26, 2019
by R.Eliya on


Oct 7, 2019
by Abhilash Mendeti on

I saw all the recos in the past , excellent track record, im here to experience for the best, patience is the keyword that's it, leave all the day to day tensions pls follow manish sir , he himself is multibagger , concepts ,calculations, technicals, fundementals ,etc., etc., everything is done for appreciation of the stock , whatever is there he does , let us all be ready for the yield .........all the best and may god bless manish for entire lifetime and produce much more beauty .

Sep 25, 2019
by Shabbar on

true gem of stock market excellent calls multibagger calls in one word tussi great hoo paaji 🙂 god bless you

Sep 6, 2019
by Gunasekaran on

manish is thoughtful investor and analyst. His past record and site are testimony to the same. Money would be made by following him in long run.

Aug 12, 2019
by Amalesh Haldar on

Manish goyal is well experienced person in stock market and have capability to give good advise..

Jul 28, 2019
by Pratik Jain on

Very nice calls and a honest person..will give you genuine advice.Very confident about his calls.Best thing is his stocks will have limited downside and huge upside.Just beilieve him and invest

Jul 16, 2019
by Ilesh Patalia on

Excellent research by Manishji, I had read his posts and found that research is fantastic. Truely amazing. If you want to secure your future follow his long term advise

Jul 1, 2019
by Srinivas K on

Dear Manish ji, really awesome calls .....after huge loss in market finally I've got an hope that I could recover all my losses without trading daily & seeing daily movements.....really great to have an association with you sir

Jun 19, 2019
by Ganesh kamath on

The investment advise is only .....
Buy right and add on dips and never think of selling the stock.
Great person great much confident on his picks.

Jun 7, 2019
by Ranganatha on

One of the best site and personal who is helping others. Seriously i had lost the hope of share investment but Manish bhai 's advice has given me the confidence Thanks Manish

May 18, 2019
by Deepak on

Dear Sir,. Yr suggestions have been very practical and i hv lost so much by intraday. Now only came to know about yr web page. For multibagger stocks , U hv fixed the period for 4 years. Is there any reason related to country's governance which is subject to change every 5th year or there is any other reason ?? Kindly clarify.

May 1, 2019
by Manoj Sharma on

This is my first review that it’s going osm ...143 ..... 7 I love it

Apr 21, 2019
by Venkadesh Krishnamurthy on

Excellent stock advice by Manish

Apr 2, 2019
by Nirav Hakani on

When I came across this website, I feel that I have reached the right person , Now I do not look towards any other analyst except Mr. Manish Goyal

Mar 15, 2019
by Geetha Rajesh on

Dear Sir,. Yr suggestions have been very practical and i hv lost so much by intraday. Now only came to know about yr web page. For multi bagger stocks , U hv fixed the period for 4 years. Is there any reason related to country's governance which is subject to change every 5th year or there is any other reason ?? Kindly clarify.

Mar 6, 2019
by Rajan Sarpal on

The website is very useful. The returns provided by the recommended stocks by Mr. Manish Goyal ji are Simply Outstanding and Outperforming the sensex returns by a wide margin... Excellent stuff!! What one one could ask for? Manish ji please carry on such Amazing work in future too and helping us small investors like us. Many Thanks. Regards, Rajan Sarpal

Feb 5, 2019
by Shiva on

Manish is the best guy who has good thorough stock knowledge and also good helping guy. Please follow his suggestions for wealth creation as I started journey just .

Jan 27, 2019
by Mayur Sah on

Super recommendation, very well researched stocks, must invest for longterm...

Jan 14, 2019
by naime Islam on

Manish's picks have been super awesome so far. I am a market noob and his calls have helped me immensely. I would highly recommend getting in touch with him.

Jan 7, 2019

Your yeoman Service may cover the. REVIEW of the existing PORTFOLIO of the intending SUBSCRIBERS so as to help them get rid of the DEADWOOD STOCKS and generate the OPTIMUM AMOUNT for INVEST THE FUND so generated / ploughed back.

This Service shall go a long way to safeguard the interest of your SUBSCRIBERS,as a New year BONANZA in 2019.

I hope it would be acceeded to SOONER THAN LATER.

Post Script:
You need not analyse each one of the Holdings but at a glance in your BIRD's EYE VIEW,it may please be taken up as a TOKEN OF GOODWILL GESTURE with no inhibitions and BACKLASH whatsoever..

Thanking you,in anticipation of your benevolent REPLY.

Yours lovingly,

Dec 31, 2018
by Puneet Mittal on


Dec 18, 2018
by Sridevi Telkar on

Excellent website.. Very informative and Mr.Goyal is really amazing with his calls and recommendations.

Dec 3, 2018
by Ramesh Babu on

Manish's past performance is really outstanding, but I missed them all. Hope I will catch the last opportunities with his latest calls. His website is awesome and very useful for retail investors who are looking for MEGA MULTIBAGGERS...Thanks...Ramesh Babu.

Nov 26, 2018
by Sameer Sah on

Hello Manishji thanks a ton for ur Graceful attitude & kind nature, i owe u a lot...friends i am a middle class person working as an accountant...i was in dilemma & continuous pressure that how would i cope with my financial need & ever increasing expenses & sons education fees unless i met Manishji...i found him on FB after searching for last 3-4 months for someone who can guide me on my GOAL...he is a GEM...i chat with him on FB Messenger for say 15-20 min & finalised that i would go with him & just had a talk with him once & took his services...i was nervous that my decision was right or not but today after 2 months my funds have appreciated 25-30% & am happy abt. my decision...he told “be rest assured i will help u achieve ur GOAL”...i felt touched & no other 2nd thought left... feeling wish he would have met me some years back...i don’t know much abt. share market but would say that the way he analyse fundamentals and technical’s & extracts a multibagger is mind-blowing...Guys go ahead with Manishji’s recommendations without any doubt in your mind...last but not the least - Itni shidaat se main tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai, hi har zaare ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai... Kehte hain ki ...... Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

Nov 19, 2018
by Samudrala Kirankumar on

I know Manish from couple of months, he suggested 2 stocks for me one stock is 50% up on investment price and another stock is 15% up. Amazing performance in just couple of months. Thanks Manish such great stocks.

Nov 9, 2018
by Rishabh Dubey on

Manish is an awesum guy having in depth knowledge about long term investment. Recommended to everyone who wants to create wealth in long term through stocks.

Nov 1, 2018
by Shankar Sethuraman on

Mr Goyal has chucked his lucrative Multinational Firm career to pursue his assiduous passion for deep & incisive number crunching analysis/stock picking.Otherwise he cannot consistently surpass the collective wisdom of market research houses & fund managers by a very wide margin.From end 2014 todate Manish has delivered his clearly stated returns.His unique quality of fully trusting his clients(only after a good rapport is established) to payup for visible service rendered in a staggered manner unlike other portfolio managing houses who squeeze money upfront & suggest"pump & dump" shares before vanishing!! Guys; its been a dream run for an ex defence person like me who got his older daughter married in a more comfortable manner because of cash flow management of Mr Manish Goyal.God bless him & his sincere endeavours.Waiting for 2nd windfall profits so my life time desire of getting my 2nd girl married in an equally nice way fructifies.Happy/Safe investing folks with Manish & I will be back soon with another update. Captain(Retired) Shankar Sethuraman

Oct 31, 2018
by Zubin Dabhoiwala on

After going through a lot of stocks blog, I found Mr. Manish's website. I followed his posts also and saw the sheer number of hits he has had with his shares...his record is impeccable. After talking to him and innumerable questions I took the plunge and have already profited decently within a month. I'm sure I'll be with him for the long road. Thanks Mr. Manish!

Oct 28, 2018

Dear Sir
I need your help, so how can I get you,
I have also lost of lot of money like above others are faced.
Kindly help us if you want to more blessings from all.

Oct 24, 2018
by NivasM on

Dear Sir,
I have gone through all your posts and messages felt very aspiring I am small guy who lost lot of money in market in my early days of 2006-2007 almost sold my 50Lakhs house because of intraday trades and fno trades......

After seeing your site aray of hope started again now decided to start investing rather than trading would like to know in detail about the services would like to invest small amount for long-term as I am recently married and expecting baby.

Oct 20, 2018
by Sapna K on

I strongly recommend Manish to everyone.He is the best person to trust upon.His stock picks are really amazing and can perform well on any market conditions.Besides he is very honest and humble person.I wish him good luck for all his great works ahead in future

Oct 18, 2018
by Anil Kumar Verma on

Sir, I am a small invester.I have lost 5 Lakh my 8 yearsEarned money within Jan 2017 to Jan 2018.due to bad advisory servicesBy TradeNivesh advisory company indore.pls help me sir and guide me how toRecover my money.I heard about u that u are a cooperative person.pls help me

Oct 8, 2018
by Binod Kumar on

Dear Manish Goyal Ji,
I am a 66+ Sr. Citizen, seeing the recent crash market wish to invest Rs.1.5 Lac in ELSS(Tax Saver MF) and some amount in good profit making MF. Kindly suggest & guide me when & in which appropriate Fund I should invest and oblige.
Thanking you.
With best regards

Oct 8, 2018
by Gori Shanker Gupta on

Sir , i am small investor and senior citizen of 63 yrs old.I lost about 2.5 lakhs from may 2018 to till now. Sir, At present my portfolio is about Rs 2.25 balance. Sir , I hope you may pl guide me so that I can recover the same.I can stay for two/three years with your valuable guidance. Pl help me as I heard that you are helping in nature.

Oct 6, 2018
by Suresh Kumar on

Manish sir has given me outstanding tips to build up my future... He is helping me a lot in building my future.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart Manish Sir..

Oct 5, 2018
by Kishore Krishnan on

i am fully satisfied with all calls of manish kumar goyal sir,truely enlightened ,highly insightful , hidden gem stock miner in indian stock market,god bless him and his followers

Sep 27, 2018
by Manoj kumar on

Sir I am a small invester.I have lost 3 Lakh my 8 years
Earned money within Jan 2018 to march 2018.due to bad advisory services
By TradeNivesh advisory company indore.pls help me sir and guide me how to
Recover my money.I heard about u that u are a cooperative person.

Sep 27, 2018
by Shyamsundar Haldar on

Thank you sir
I have a small wish, this is my first time invest , I have not any lum sum amount, I want to start a small investment monthly basis, sir can you please help me?
Thanks & regard
Shyamsundar haldar
West Bengal

Sep 27, 2018
by Neeraj goyal on

I have read about you.I wish to start with small investment monthly and would like to switch over from old stocks as they have not shown any performance.

Sep 24, 2018
by Gaurav on

Seen past peeformance and also a great success if we follow buy right sit tight priciple.a great place for retail investors who were having patiance.

Sep 20, 2018
by Aman Jain on

Mr. Manish, I must say you really doing justice with your work. It is really genuine and hard working and look what right calls at right time. I am very impressed Sir. Looking forward to receive some healthy information from you

Sep 17, 2018
by Anup khanna on

I have read about you.I wish to start with small investment monthly and would like to switch over from old stocks as they have not shown any performance in last 3 to 4 years.

Sep 17, 2018

Sir I am 70 year retired person . I have no penson also. Pl. advise me two three Scrips which can give me best returns.

Sep 15, 2018
by Ambalal Patel on

I have invested 20 to 40 Rs lacs in MF. Could u pl advise means to get better return? How much if I follow u?

Sep 14, 2018
by DN Sharma on

मै (राजभाषा अधिकारी)था।एक,दौ लाख तक लगा सकता हू
जो मुझे हर महीने % मिलता रहे।कृपा राय देने का कष्ट करे

Sep 12, 2018
by सतजीत सिंह on

मनीष गोयल जी मैं सीनियर सिटीजन हूँ और आपके सुझाव पर एक लाख से दो लाख रुपये इनवेस्ट कर सकता हूँ और मुझे आप पर पूरा विश्वास है । अतः अप मेरे को सजेस्ट करें और गाईड करें मैं आपका अभारी रहूँगा । Regards
Satjit Singh

Sep 11, 2018
by Sharman Sah on

Bang-on recommendations!

Sep 4, 2018

Everyone should come in the light of Manish Goyal.. Life may be change of middle class people by investing his stocks. He is best advisor in World.

Sep 3, 2018

So nice Sir I am small salaried person i want to invest my small saving in to share market so please help me for same also give me yours advisory fees for me.I hope you co operate me and give me opportunity to say thanks
How much money need to start

Sep 2, 2018
by Mohmmad aslam on

Sir very good service from your end to your valued client. After reading your past performence i would like to say that words can only describe the quality of service rendered by you i assure every investor can well experience it i my self 65 years old. please send me the detail for join with multibagger. Aslam vohra

Sep 1, 2018
by Anshum Chawla on

Reliable services and 100% Satisfaction! Thanks a lot Manish sir, you are profit generating machine!

Aug 26, 2018
by Mussaraf shah on

So nice Sir I am small salaried person i want to invest my small saving in to share market so please help me for same also give me yours advisory fees for me.I hope you co operate me and give me opportunity to say thanks.

Aug 20, 2018
by Sudheer krishna on

Can i starr with Rs 25000.00,if yes call me 7760309618

Aug 19, 2018
by Amith Fernandes on

Guys, i know Manish sir since 2 years and I have seen his recommendations personally more than anyone I feel.... If you really want to see handful of amount in your savings in next 2 years then please contact him..... You will never ever regret for the patience you have shown.....Mark my words ... I'll come back again after 2 years and I am so confidant that many of you will join me to write a 5 star review...

Aug 18, 2018
by Nikki Rana on

Genuine,humble and best stock advisor..he knows his job too well

Aug 18, 2018
by Anand D on

Great stock picks. I have joined him 6 months back. Stocks which Manish sir had recommended are appreciating rapidly. I have decided now to follow him blindly. I would suggest investors to follow him without any doubt in mind for excellent returns on investment. I am doing it and going to do same in future. Great job Manish sir. God bless you

Aug 5, 2018
by vijay on

hi sir excellent.... very glad to be here ....please kindly consider small investors and bring different membership plans and help us plz.........our will surely become a next multibagger......please consider....thank you

Aug 4, 2018
by Bob on

Subscribed to MG premium services...and unbelievable returns from one stock...250% returns in 30-40 days..that too in bear market when all investors are crying.. one must have patience to hold his stocks...then game is i have stopped following RJ, vijay kedia, dolly khanna & many more big pundits...only following one person & he is MG... i hope MG will remain with us forever & during our wealth creation journey. thanks

Aug 1, 2018
by Dr Gurudutta on

Most honest and nice and gentle human being in addition to vast knowledge and in depth in share Market....Good fortune to be associated with him and his advisory

Jul 25, 2018
by Loganathan Sivasamy on

Hi Guys, Do you want money transferred to your bank account while sleeping?. Then here is the page to take a visit. Mostly people will say put the money into stock market to make much money at our own risk but i will say park your money without any doubt on Manish Goyal's stocks. And one day you will get a surprise!!!!!. That is you may own a new BMW :-). Cheers!!!!.

Jul 19, 2018
by Vinay on

Amazing research and knowladge accompanied by staggering past perfomance. Will surely subscribe to this wonderful advisory.

Jul 13, 2018
by Vikram thakur on

Its amazing and unbeleivable returns from your calls. You give multibagger in true sense of the word. I do not have the kind to investement budget that is required from your calls, but whenever i became capable of investing good amount and paying your fees you will be the only advisory i will look for. God willing that day comes sooner than later. Please keep posting the performances of your calls.

Jul 11, 2018
by Remi P on

I was searching for good stock advise for quite some time and one day I found Manish’s site (during feb 2018) and his past performance was very exciting. First I didn’t believe then I did some level of analysis and contacted him finally to get his stock service. He was patient enough to answer all of my queries. I would say his approach to stock selection and the analysis shared in his website is one of the best method in the industry. Hope his current stock idea will be multibagger in next 2 years. Thanks Manish.

Jul 6, 2018
by CapitalHeight on

This blog is very interesting & know about multibagger stocks, i read its post completely and i really enjoyed its stuff and i have shared its link to my friends as well. CapitalHeight

Jul 6, 2018
by Mamta Gupta on

Superb, wonderful, I don't know this kind of profit we can get from share market.

Jul 1, 2018
by Rajendra Rathi on

Super excelent

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